Expert of the ISRS took part in the International Defence Symposium in China

The event was held by the PLA National Defence University in November 13-28 in Beijing. The Symposium participants were generals and senior officers, as well as civilian experts from 67 countries of all regions of the world.

The Symposium focused on top issues of international security: Geopolitical dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region; Territorial disputes in South-East Asia; Activities of the SCO to ensure stability in Central Asia; Challenges and security threats in Europe; Fighting against terrorism in the Middle East.

At the plenary session devoted to the activities of the SCO, expert of the ISRS S.Valiev made a presentation on Uzbekistan's joint efforts with other Central Asian nations on drastic improvement of the regional situation. The symposium participants were informed about contemporary common approaches of the Central Asian states on expanding political and trade relations, implementation of joint projects in the spheres of energy, transport, information and communications.

Following up on the symposium, recommendations were developed to promote international cooperation in providing conditions for the stable and sustainable development, preventing wars and armed conflicts, and unified response of the international community to the emerging crises.