The Young Analysts Club

At the present time, the Young Analysts Club is operating on the basis of the ISRS. The Club serves as a platform for discussion and analysis, which unites erudite and creative students of higher educational institutions in Tashkent.

For today, about 100 students from ten higher educational institutions of the Republic are members of the Club.

Within a short period of time, the Club has successfully carried out its work to improve the analytical skills of its members. In particular, a number of round tables and brainstorm sessions were organized on such topics as "Uzbekistan's investment policy: current state and prospects for development", "Digital economy: opportunities and prospects", "Development prospects of free economic zones: national experience and international practice".

Participants of the Club took part in the international conference on the topic: "25 Years of Establishing Diplomatic Relations between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan", organized by ISRS jointly with the Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies (October 31, 2017, Tashkent), and in the round table: Cooperation between Uzbekistan and the European Union: vision to the future" (March 14, 2018, Tashkent).