ISRS: The visit of the President of Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan is an event of a historical scale

Without any doubt, the ongoing state visit of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to Uzbekistan is an event of a historical scale, will go down in the annals of bilateral relations by achieving breakthrough, in fact, unprecedented agreements that will be important for the further progressive development of relations between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but also strengthening the entire architecture of security and sustainable development in Central Asia.

First, an Agreement was signed between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on allied relations, which reflects the firm political will and resolute attitude of the parties to make irreversible the process of comprehensive development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two fraternal peoples, based on trust, respect and consideration of each other's interests and the desire to jointly build a common future.

The parties express their readiness to strengthen further the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and sustainable economic development of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, to increase cooperation in all areas of mutual interest, including in such strategic areas as industry, transport and logistics, energy, pharmaceuticals, construction industry.

Moreover, the priority is determined by cooperation in strengthening the atmosphere of peace and harmony in the region, promoting the idea of regional rapprochement, as well as facilitating the achievement of mutually acceptable solutions on the entire range of regional aspects by the Central Asian states themselves based on mutual respect for each other's interests.

Second, after decades of hard work and negotiations, an agreement was signed on the demarcation of the Uzbekistan – Kazakhstan State border, the longest border of Uzbekistan with the countries of Central Asia.

The agreement between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on Alliance, which is the only precedent in Central Asia, as well as the agreement on the demarcation of the Uzbekistan – Kazakhstan State border, the first example of a total settlement of border issues between Uzbekistan and its neighbors, meet the vital and long-term national interests of the two fraternal states, reflect the new dynamics of interstate relations in the region based on good neighborliness, friendship and the desire for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

I hope that the achieved level of cooperation between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will become a model catalyst for further strengthening relations between the Central Asian states, will act as a key factor and driver for ensuring peace, stability and security in the region.


Akramjon Nematov

First Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan