STATEMENT by SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov on the situation in Afghanistan


The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation continues to closely monitor the developments in Afghanistan and declares the following in this regard.

The SCO member states consider it important to responsibly restore the legitimacy of state power in Afghanistan through an inclusive peaceful dialogue with the interests of all social, political, ethnic and religious groups taken into account. We call on the political forces of that country to take the necessary steps to normalise the situation, to restore peace and economic growth, and to counter terrorism, extremism and drug-related crime.

The SCO member states support the strict observance of international law and Afghanistan's obligations under bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements and call for the safety of the Afghan population and foreign citizens including diplomatic missions and institutions of foreign states and international organisations to be ensured.

The SCO member states reaffirm their intention to assist Afghanistan in becoming a peaceful, stable and prosperous country, free from terrorism, war or drugs, and are ready to join international efforts to stabilise and develop Afghanistan with the central coordinating role of the UN.

Beijing, 23 August 2021