Traditionally, Italy and Uzbekistan have always been close friends

This statement was made by the former Italian Ambassador to Uzbekistan, member of the Mediterranean Institute for Asia and Africa (ISMAA) Riccardo Manara, at the conference on “Uzbekistan – Italy: New horizons of cooperation” held on December 13 in Tashkent.

Mr. Riccardo Manara noted that the countries’ political dialogue continues to develop actively. In this context, the diplomat praised the recent high-level visits. It was emphasized that the intensive dialogue between the presidents of Uzbekistan and Italy gives a powerful impetus to deepening multifaceted cooperation.

Mr. Riccardo Manara paid particular attention to interaction in the cultural sphere. “Italy has extensive experience in preserving cultural heritage and could share knowledge in this direction”, the Italian Ambassador concluded.

As previously reported, the conference brought together representatives of political, diplomatic, and expert-analytical circles of Uzbekistan and Italy.