ISRS experts took part in CAMCA forum

VI Regional Forum “Central Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan” was held on 13-14 June in Tashkent devoted to the topic: “CAMCA: common interests, common aspirations”. The forum was organized by participants of the CAMCA regional cooperation network, the Institute of Central Asia and the Caucasus and the Rumsfeld Foundation.

The Forum was attended by by over 80 leading regional and international experts, including Arthur Laffer, a famous American economist, founder and CEO of Laffer Associates, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, international adviser to the EBRD and former prime minister of Georgia, Frederick Starr, Chairman of the Institute of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Issues related to regional trade, transport and transit were discussed, possibility of attracting investments was considered. Proposals were forwarded to strengthen mutual economic and business ties between Central Asia and Caucasus, development of entrepreneurship and innovation.

During the event B.Mustafayev, the head of the Center of ISRS, delivered a presentation. In the presentation, he paid a special attention to ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan. It was noted that joint efforts aimed at attracting Afghanistan to trade, economic, transport, cultural and humanitarian cooperation with neighboring countries will contribute to the firm establishment of peace in this country and will open up new trade and economic opportunities.