Li Yongquan: “The Central Asia – China format is an important guarantee of cohesion”

This point of view was expressed by the Director of the Institute for the Social Development of Europe and Asia of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Li Yongquan, within the framework of the Fourth Forum of “Central Asia – China” think tanks.

As he noted, in recent years, cooperation between China and Central Asia has reached a qualitatively new, even higher level of mutual understanding and trust.

In this context, the expert focused on the last year’s achievements. After all, 2023 became a turning point in the history of interaction between the parties. The first summit in the “China – Central Asia” format was held at the level of heads of state. This new mechanism serves as an essential guarantee of cohesion. Thus, in his words, “We have witnessed the launch of a process of institutionalization of relations”.

At the same time, Li Yongquan assessed the regional processes. In particular, unprecedented positive changes in interstate relations were emphasized. This trend has provided Beijing with additional opportunities to elevate ties to the level of a comprehensive strategic partnership with all neighboring countries.

At the same time, as the Chinese expert noted, the creation of a sustainable transport and communication connectivity model is becoming an important priority at the present stage. In turn, this meets the interests of the Central Asian countries in the context of overall efforts to strengthen integration processes.