Ambassador of Germany to Uzbekistan Tilo Klinner: “In recent years, changes have been taking place in Uzbekistan in all spheres of society”

Ambassador of Germany to Uzbekistan Tilo Klinner took part in the conference “Uzbekistan – Germany: New horizons of cooperation”, in Tashkent.

Addressing the event, he noted that the whole world is facing serious geostrategic and political challenges. Uzbekistan is resolutely fighting these challenges and doing it very successfully.

– In recent years, Uzbekistan has been progressively moving into a new era, – says the Ambassador of Germany to Uzbekistan Tilo Klinner. – There are changes in all spheres of society, a whole kaleidoscope of changes and new trends.

The Ambassador paid much attention to the economic, cultural and humanitarian aspects of relations between Uzbekistan and Germany. He noted that the trade turnover increased by 107 percent, and investments exceeded one billion euros. Bilateral cooperation is not limited to the economy, science and culture are actively developing.

The Ambassador noted the great interest of Uzbekistan students and schoolchildren in learning the German language, in connection with which Germany is taking all measures to meet the demand.

– We are trying to take this to a new level to increase the number of German language learners, - says Ambassador Tilo Klinner. – We want all the planned projects to come true.