Uzbek experts to hold a series of scientific events with colleagues from the Universities of Cambridge and St.Andrews, as well as British think tanks

Uzbek delegation led by Sanjar Valiev, a Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan will visit the UK this week.

During the visit, experts planned to hold “round tables” and workshops covering wide range of topics such as a new stage of socio-economic modernization and further development of the foreign policy of Uzbekistan.

Uzbek experts are going to conduct a scientific exchange with scientists and students of leading British universities - Cambridge and St. Andrews based on the results of political science and economic research.

During the visit, experts will hold joint meeting with experts of the famous think tanks such as Chatham House and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and senior officials from the UK Foreign Office.

During the meeting with the specialists from the headquarters of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development parties will focus on issues of further liberalization of the national economy, ensuring macroeconomic stability and sustainable development of Uzbekistan.

Moreover, the delegation will visit the UK Parliament in order to present aspects of political reforms, the process of democratization of society and ensuring human rights in Uzbekistan.

During the meetings Uzbek experts will pay attention to discussing with their British counterparts foreign policy priorities of Tashkent, its approaches to international and regional economic integration.

The upcoming meetings of Uzbek experts in the UK aimed at strengthening multifaceted relations, developing ideas and recommendations on areas of cooperation. Productive meetings and discussions will provide programs with practical measures for interaction of the two countries in the medium and long term.