Meeting with experts of World Bank

The Institute for Strategic and Interregional Studies under the President of Uzbekistan held a meeting with the Country manager of World Bank in Uzbekistan Hakidi Mori and expert of World Bank Institute Jose Manuel Bassat.

During the discussions, two sides discussed the current state and prospects of cooperation between Uzbekistan and World Bank, as well as the socio-economic and socio-political reforms in the country. Experts of the World Bank highly appraised the results of the reforms, conducted by the government of Uzbekistan.

According to their assessments, the large-scale reforms, implemented by President Sh. Mirziyoyev, are widely supported both inside the country and abroad. Establishing the dialogue with the population, the gaining of its trust, as well as the liberalization of the economy, the elimination of barriers to foreign trade and investment, the improvement of the country's image in the international arena etc. are seen as the most significant achievements of the new government of Uzbekistan.

Given those positive trends in a countries development, WB representatives expressed their readiness to develop multifaceted cooperation with Uzbek government. In their view, busy agenda of the visit of the chief executive director K.Georgieva to Tashkent, the inclusion of the Uzbekistan to top five most significant partners of WB, as well as the WB's plans to allocate in coming months the unprecedented amount ($1.5 billion) of assistance, visually demonstrate the level of bilateral cooperation between two sides.