ISRS have established an Advisory board

On December 22, the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of Uzbekistan held a meeting of the Advisory board, which includes leading researchers, academics, and representatives of the ministries and departments involved in research of a wide range of problems of domestic and foreign policy. Consultations were held with participation of 35 experts, including 13 doctors and 9 candidates of sciences, mainly former employees of the ISRS.

The main goal of the Advisory board is to develop conceptual approaches and comprehensive proposals for solving main problems of reforming and modernizing the socio-political and socio-economic life of the country, promoting the foreign policy and foreign economic interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the international arena.

During the meeting that was held in the form of "brainstorming", experts identified the main directions and tasks of researches, planned to be conducted with involvement of the members of the Advisory board. 

As the result, an Advisory board will regularly publish analytical articles, books, reports, reviews, etc., as well as conduct international conferences on the issues of domestic and foreign policy, security, foreign economic relations, tourism and other relevant topics.