ISRS hosted a meeting with experts of the United States Institute of Peace

On April 17 this year Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (ISRS) hosted a meeting with experts from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) - Senior Program Officer working on Afghanistan and Central Asia Barmak Pazhwak and Program Coordinator Matthew Parkes.

During the negotiations, a detailed exchange of views took place regarding regional cooperation in Central Asia and approaches of Uzbekistan in the Afghan direction.

The American side was informed about Tashkent’s efforts to ensure sustainable development and stability in the region, as well as the involvement of Afghanistan in regional economic ties.

For information: The US Institute of Peace is an American think tank, founded in 1984 with headquarters in Washington. Specializes in the study of issues of conflict prevention and resolution, maintaining peace and stability.

ISRS has been interacting with USIP since 2018. ISRS experts take part in trainings, conferences, and briefings organized by the US Institute of Peace.