Alat district becomes first destination in Bukhara trip

Upon arrival in the Bukhara region, Shavkat Mirziyoyev flew to the Alat district by helicopter.

This is the President’s first trip this year to promote regional economy. And it is no coincidence that it starts precisely from this remote district.

On 27 April 2020, storm winds burst into Bukhara region from the south, causing serious damage to housing, infrastructure and crops.

The head of state arrived in the province the very next day and gave instructions to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster, repair housing and social facilities. Within a brief span of time, the essential work was undertaken here to return life to normal.

Today, Shavkat Mirziyoyev inspected the efforts undertaken here from a helicopter porthole.

In particular, 45 thousand individual housing and 204 apartment buildings were repaired in Alat, Karakul, Jandar, Romitan, Peshku and Shafirkan districts. More than a thousand social and business facilities, roads, power, gas and communication networks have been restored.

At the moment, the head of state is talking with local residents.