Uzbekistan and Egypt – reliable partners in all areas of interaction

On February 18 this year, a roundtable discussion on “Uzbekistan and Egypt: Cooperation Prospects” kicked off in Egypt’s Cairo.

Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies (ISRS) under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bobur Usmanov highlighted the political relations between the two countries.

According to the expert, despite the huge distance between the two countries, they are united by historical and cultural commonality and sincere friendship. The main thing, according to him, “there are no political obstacles to the development of relations”.

It was noted that Egypt went down in history as one of the first Arab countries to recognize the independence of Uzbekistan.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, Uzbekistan and Egypt have established themselves as reliable partners in all areas of interaction.

“The unique scientific and educational heritage and the works of our great-grandfathers, who lived and worked in Transoxiana and Egypt, are an invaluable wealth not only of our people, but of the entire Muslim world”, Usmanov emphasized.

“Our great ancestor Ahmad Fergani lived in Egypt and made unprecedented discoveries. A vivid symbol of the eternal friendship of the parties was the statue erected in his honor on the banks of the Nile in Cairo”, he added.

At the same time, the ISRS Deputy Director noted that Uzbekistan considers Egypt not only an important partner in the African region and the international arena, but also one of the leading countries in the Arab and Muslim world. Bilateral relations are built on the principles of centuries-old friendship, deep respect and consideration of mutual interests.

The approaches of the two countries to regional and global issues are close to each other. Uzbekistan supports the practical and fair policy of Egypt to resolve the Middle East problem through peaceful and diplomatic means.

“Egypt, in turn, highly appreciating the efforts of Uzbekistan to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan and the diplomatic activity of Tashkent, considers them important factors in ensuring security in the region”, the expert concluded.

The roundtable discussion is organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Cairo together with the Center for Political and Media Studies of Egypt “Khivar”.

It is attended by more than 45 experts from leading analytical and research structures of the two countries and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

During the talks, the participants will comprehensively analyze the prospects for strengthening cooperation between Uzbekistan and Egypt and determine priority areas for bilateral interaction.

From the Uzbek side, the event is attended by heads and leading experts of the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies, the International Institute for Central Asia, the Information and Analytical Center for International Relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Center for Economic Research and Reforms.