President chairs a meeting on an uninterrupted supply of consumers with oil and gas resources

On August 9, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a meeting on the issues of a stable supply of consumers with oil and gas.

The results of the activities carried out in the first half of the year on the extraction of natural and production of liquefied gas were critically reviewed.

The reports of the heads of the Ministry of Energy, Uzbekneftegaz, Uztransgaz and Khududgaztaminot joint-stock companies were heard.

The President gave specific instructions on supplying the sectors of the economy and the population with natural gas, liquefied gas and oil products in the required volume, giving priority to household consumers.

The task was set to ensure a balance of 32 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the second half of the year, and the stable operation of the gas supply system, especially in the autumn/winter period. The need was noted for determining specific measures in the context of each field, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of consumers, effectively using the potential of foreign and joint ventures.

Instructions were given to attract, on a competitive basis, experienced contractors to geological and technical activities and investors to develop unused deposits.

The forecast for the production of liquefied gas is set at 457 thousand tons in the second half of the year and 850 thousand tons by the end of the year.

The demand for natural gas is expected to increase by 30 percent over the next 5 years taking into account the pace of economic growth and the launch of new gas chemical projects. The Head of the state emphasized that today it is necessary to develop specific plans for the formation of sources of natural gas resources to meet this need, the digitalization of the energy sector.

Instructions were given to accelerate geological exploration and expand the mineral resource base.