ISRS Director: It is essential to adhere to the slogan of the President of Uzbekistan “Central Asia – One Past – Common Future”

At the Central Asian Media Forum, the Director of the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of Uzbekistan (ISRS) Eldor Aripov spoke about the importance of regional identity. The speaker called on every person in Central Asia to feel a part of their country and a part of a common region – Central Asia.

“The initiative of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to hold the Central Asian Media Forum is very important, in demand and relevant. I hope that this event will not be a one-time event, that it will be regular, and we will be able to meet regularly as a Central Asian family and discuss the most pressing issues that concern our region.

One of our most important tasks is to form the fundamental foundations of regional identity in Central Asia. We won’t solve it without joining forces, first of all, in media”, the ISRS Director said.

“Very interesting studies are conducted by several European scientists who know little about Central Asia, but who understand the objective laws of social development very well. They conducted empirical research and concluded that countries that share common cultural values and traditions are much more effective in interaction, cooperation and trade, and in economic relations, in investments. Why is this happening? There is only one reason – the trust factor. The trust factor is very important. Who will we trust first? First of all, those whom we know very well, understand. Therefore, regional identity is very important. Each of us in Central Asia must begin to feel not only a part of the country, but also a part of a common region – Central Asia”, the speaker noted.

The ISRS representative emphasized that the President of Uzbekistan proposed an interesting formula for this approach.

“He proposed the slogan: “Central Asia – One Past – Common Future”. We have a really strong cultural heritage and history. However, our future is also inextricably linked. Our future will depend on our ability to unite in the face of common challenges. Most of them you cannot solve alone”.