Meeting with an Azerbaijani diplomat

The Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of Uzbekistan held a meeting with Arif Nadir oglu Abbasov, the first secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the conversation, the two sides discussed the current state and prospects for expanding the Uzbek-Azerbaijani relations in political, trade, economic, cultural and other spheres.

The sides noted that the dynamic economic development of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. According to the diplomat implementation of large-scale transport and logistics projects connecting various regions of Eurasia through the territory of Central Asia and the Caucasus is created fundamentally new opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

In addition, the both countries pay close attention to state-building issues, the development of legal system and ensuring the rule of law. In this context, sides noted that bilateral cooperation and exchange of experience will serve to increase the effectiveness of measures and reforms. Strengthening the dialogue at the expert level will allow countries to progressively build up mutually beneficial bilateral ties.

At the end of the meeting, the sides expressed their interest in deepening relations between the expert-analytical and scientific-academic circles of the two countries, conducting joint researches and activities of mutual interest.