ISRS hosted a meeting with a German delegation

On April 15 this year at the Institute of Strategic and Regional studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (ISRS) a meeting was held with the German delegation - with the Foreign Policy Spokesperson of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), German Bundestag, Niels Schmidt, the coordinator of the working group on foreign policy of the Bundestag, Dirk Savistky, as well as the head of the department for Eastern Europe of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Christina Linke, and the Regional Director of the Representative Office of this Foundation in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Philip Jahn.

During the negotiations, the German side was informed about the political and economic reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan, the open foreign policy being implemented, including the regional agenda in Central Asia, aimed at developing practical cooperation.

The positions and approaches of Tashkent were announced at the meeting to achieve lasting and lasting peace in Afghanistan. It was noted that the restoration of the economy of this country is the key to strengthening stability in Afghan territory.

Particular attention was paid to the prospects for Uzbek-German relations, which in recent years have acquired more trusting and systemic character. It was emphasized that Germany is the largest trade and economic partner of Uzbekistan among the EU member states. Thanks to German investments, dozens of joint projects have been implemented in our country, which have become a vital part of reforms and transformations. In turn, our republic is one of Germany’s main trading partners in Central Asia.

In the course of the conversation with German colleagues, an exchange of views was also held on expanding relations between ISRS and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Interest was expressed in holding joint events aimed at strengthening regional cooperation, elaboration of proposals in the field of mitigation and adaptation to the consequences of climate change, "green" energy, development of transport and communication links.