New growth points of Andijan region identified

Andijan city hosts a meeting with the participation of hokims of the region and districts, heads of state agencies, deputies of the local council, and public activists.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev assessed the current state of affairs in Andijan region and outlined the tasks for the comprehensive development of the region.

“We are in Andijan to analyze people’s problems, draw up clear plans, increase per capita income, and improve living conditions in mahallas. We should look critically at each outcome. It is necessary to understand what other growth points are there in Andijan, what worries people, and take appropriate measures. For this, heads of executive bodies and local deputies need to change their worldview. Everything will change if they change their outlook and work selflessly”, the President said.

The main attention was paid to the development of economic sectors, poverty reduction, and job creation. It was noted that the possibilities were studied in 882 mahallas of Andijan region. Based on the historically established types of activity of the population, the most effective growth points were determined – handicrafts, gardening, vegetable gardening, floriculture and poultry farming. Entrepreneurs will be attached to each mahalla and the necessary funds will be allocated.

This year, an additional $100 million will be allocated from the Fund for Reconstruction and Development to support small and medium-sized businesses and finance investment projects in the region.

In 2021-2022, 584 investment projects worth about 20 trillion UZS will be implemented in the region, 60 thousand new jobs will be created. The “drivers” are the textile, construction, electrical, leather and footwear, food and pharmaceutical industries.

This year, new capacities will be launched at Asaka Textile enterprises in Asaka district and Zumrad Textile in Jalalabad district, a cement plant and a cluster of building materials in Khojaabad district, as well as a syringe production plant in Andijon Pharm free economic zone.

Instructions were given in agriculture. Due to the secondary lease of 70 thousand hectares of land freed from the grain harvest, it is possible to employ 220 thousand people.

The Head of the state paid special attention to the floriculture potential.

It was noted that growing orchids on 10 acres can bring income up to 850 million UZS, growing lilies up to 450 million UZS, peonies up to 320 million UZS.

An instruction was given to turn Andijan Flower Garden enterprise in Andijan district into a cluster. To lay a 30-hectare flower and ornamental plant garden and to open a floriculture school at the Vocational Training Center in Shakhrikhan district. The need was noted for creating greenhouses and supporting the cultivation of flowers on household lands.